Tender & Brief Development

We help organisations identify and determine the key features of their proposed new or re-developed website or app and then write the development brief. The brief is the blueprint for the new website and enables potential developers to provide a quotation for undertaking the website redevelopment.

Our methodology for preparing a website redevelopment brief involves a combination of staff interviews, user-needs analysis, background research and the application of our own experience.

Once we have worked with our clients to help them articulate the scope and nature of their website and its likely cost, we are usually then engaged to write the website development brief.

The development brief, to which developers would respond with quotes and solutions, usually contains the following:

  • the organisation’s history, industry sector, goals, products and services
  • the aims and target audience of the website
  • the nature, scope and organisation of the content
  • information architecture - how the content should be arranged
  • the scope and nature of its integration with office systems, databases and processes
  • design and corporate identity guidelines
  • the nature and scope of the interaction with the user e.g. e-commerce
  • how the site is to be maintained e.g. content management system
  • technical issues: speed, capacity, integration with office systems
  • how tenderers are to respond to the document

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