Website & Software Reviews

Comprehensive Evaluations

  • Strategic issues – e-business strategy, online opportunities and challenges
  • Management issues – maintenance regime, governance
  • Competitor analysis – what are they doing online
  • Content – relevance, appropriateness, scope, currency, structure
  • Usability – look and feel, navigation, information design
  • Functionality and interactivity – the features users can interact with
  • Technical issues – speed, does it all work, accessibility
  • Marketing and promotion – branding, use of metadata, search engine ranking

A Range of Evaluating Techniques

  • Interview staff and stakeholders about the website’s aims and target audiences
  • Inspect the website and assess it against our established criteria
  • Conduct focus groups with users
  • Seek user feedback via online polls and surveys
  • Examine website traffic reports
  • Undertake benchmarking and compare with competitors' websites

We have vast experience evaluating websites. From formal evaluations that included multiple focus groups, online surveys and a detailed examination of a website, through to providing a brief critique of participants' websites during a workshop.

Our findings are presented in a report that provides realistic and frank recommendations and easily understood explanations as to how to improve the product.

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