Software UX Design

Business software should look as good as it functions.

With many years of user experience design we have witnessed and been a part of a movement in redesigning business software improving the user experience exponentially.

Software should look as good as the tasks you perform with it.

Otherwise, it’s really only half a remedy. It needs to be a combination of well-designed software programming delivered through an equally well-designed user interface and experience.

Productivity increases with great design.

Business software needs to embrace the competitive advantages of being well designed, easy to use and great to look at, which produces greater efficiencies and encourages more effectiveness.

Users expect their screens to engage.

Digital engagement is ubiquitous - big screen TV’s, laptops, tablets, smart phones and watches. User expectations for elegant interaction and control of their devices have never been higher. Whether it is entering a timesheet or working with big data analysis.

Consumer user experience is now employee expectation.

We’ve been trained by well thought out user experiences in the consumer world with mobile apps and disruptive software solutions. It’s inevitable that expectations for similarly engaging experiences are shifting into business software interfaces. This shift is having a positive impact on productivity while making their day a little easier and more fun.

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